How to boost your Personal Brand with your blog

Do you want to boost your Personal or commercial Brand with your blog? In this article I am going to How to boost talk to you about some tips and types of content that can help you gain visibility through your blog. A few days ago I participated with other Personal Branding professionals in the largest Personal Branding Event in the World, the Personal Branding Lab Day. And since the feedback from the talk was very positive and many people asked me for the conference slides privately, I have decided to make a summary here on the blog about this topic and thus be useful to all those people who have not.

Been able to attend

The event and who are thinking about working on their personal brand strategy. PS: At the end of the post I leave you company data the video of my presentation and the other experts , in case you want to see all the talks. Before, you could write about a topic that you liked or seemed interesting on your blog, you shared it on your social networks for your community to read and that was enough and it helped you position yourself as someone valuable in your topic. But things don’t work that way anymore. Because? Well, because every time people have less time and spend less reading content . And then social networks have changed a lot in recent years, and the most significant change for those who have blogs is that the organic reach on the different networks has dropped brutally .

How to boost no longer

Enough to just write on your blog and that’s it. With that, you have already completed your task. It is a very big MISTAKE to think like that. With the competition that exists in all sectors, if you don’t give. Something more, you will be left behind and fewer and fewer people will read what you write. So, the key to a personal brand blog is to create valuable content. Constantly, but content that takes you to the goal you want . If you only focus on writing, you will be wasting the potential of the blog. Ernesto Bustamante Mobile Number IN is a professional who dedicates himself (among other things). To creating websites in WordPress, setting up online stores and everything related to WordPress and websites.

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