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 You can offer a few regular lesson hours per day, with the rest being yours. Disadvantages: Although it is a scalable system, it requires your time to provide training, so it is not a passive income of 100. If you build a platform on your website, you do not have to pay a commission to an external platform. You can share training documents directly on the platform without manual effort. #7. How to make money on your website through an online directory

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 Another way to make money through a website is to create an new database online directory, although it is not the most common method. The best way to do this is to create a topic-specific directory(such as: restaurants, accommodation.) that allows companies to register basic data online for free and then provide them with services that add content and visibility(preferred for example, in platform search results) for recurring fees(membership).

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 Another way to generate revenue through online directories is to charge users who want to use the information. Advantages: You can provide a free value-added model: some content is free, other content is paid. You can have privileged Mobile Number IN spaces in various parts of the network(such as: at home) for those willing to pay for more visibility. If you offer a direct selling option in the catalogue, you may receive a sales commission from the Company.

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