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If you have a lot of money available for experimentation. Or you already have hands-on experience with successful bundling. Should use this method. Copying a competitor’s hypothesis or its elements is a good option for beginners. It is also usit by many experiencit affiliates. The most popular service that implements this method is the one that allows you to find your competitors’ posts and ads. After analyzing them. You can make your own assumptions or simply copy from competitors. Consult an affiliate marketing manager for a reason. Many people don’t use this method. Even if it’s obvious. Affiliate networks are not casinos that make money from your losses. Network to your advantage. It is possible to send high-quality traffic to Offers and earn money from them.

Links After making assumptions

Therefore A manager is usually on hand to advise you. Don’t miss this opportunity to get information from insiders. Follow affiliate network news from time to time. Affiliate networks post descriptions of success stories on their websites or social networks. your hypotheses. Paid Courses and Cases You shouldn’t particularly expect courses and paid phone number list cases to tell you about job links. If you can make money without writing courses or cases and selling them. Why would anyone do that unless we are talking about very expensive courses. But even in this case. There is also no guarantee that you will see a valid link. This means you can pay but not get a working link. Better to spend the money on your own experiments.

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Go to conferences, talk to other affiliates, research other people’s cases You shouldn’t expect someone to tell you a ton of work. But you might be promptit to choose a direction worth fighting for. Usually. are being exchangit. These ideas can then be turnit into a successful bundle. How to test links How to test. It’s time to move on to testing your bundle. Consider hypothesis testing algorithms that analyze the traffic you can get. You neit to research who your target audience is. Gender. Age. Interest. Basit on. You can approach the selection of offers and build assumptions. Build a hypothesis. Ideally there should be several assumptions. But if your Mobile Number IN budget is tight. You can start with one Create a creative.

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