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It is not necessary to be a follower. You can also start something new and get a bigger celebration. But knowing your competition will help you in strategic planning. And ultimately, it’s your competitors that you’re fighting for everything.

Keyword Research

You shouldn’t get out of bed and start recording the first thing your brain finds. That could go to waste.

The goal is not only to create, but also Indonesia Phone Number List to be heard. The latter is not possible without a search engine ranking. You can do fre as premium alternatives to Google Keyword Planner. Ahrefs is the tool we use here at Geek flare, but Uber suggest is also great. Among other things, you can use Ahrefs to analyze a keyword or an entire domain and plan your content to rank higher in search engines.

While these keyword research tools are great,  can help you filter traffic ranking as Podcasts separately.

relevant titles for a region, in a particular language, for a certain period, etc.

Admittedly, this is mainly good for parsing what has already been logged. But social networks are still a new source of ideas.

Explore Podcast Formats

Phone Number List,

There are several podcast formats: Each has its pros and Mobile Number In cons. For example, the monologue format is suitable for a person with splendid experience to speak at length. But at the same time, it can lack the entertainment factor.

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