What is a CRM, what is it for and types of CRM in 2022

CRM software allows you to share and maximize knowledge of a given customer and in this way understand their needs and anticipate them. By definition, the CRM collects all the information on commercial transactions, maintaining a detailed history. I think with this definition you understand the value of a CRM for small businesses.


It is used to store information email database about current and potential clients: Name, address, telephone, etc. And your activities and points of contact. With the company, including site visits, phone calls, emails, among other interactions. The platform is not just an elaborate contact list. It gathers and integrates valuable data to prepare and update your teams with personal customer information, purchasing. History and preferences. A CRM platform also serves to. Actively track and manage customer information . Simplify repetitive tasks to make lead tracking more effective.

Provide instant

Recommendations and insights. Intelligently Mobile Number IN capture customer emails. Connect your entire team on any device. Increase the probability of sales with the client you have in your database, since you can do personalized follow-up of the client and thus better detect what interests them or what product or service you can help them with. Generate reports and sales analytics. Improve the productivity of your business , since the database of your clients is centralized and everything is written down in the program, you avoid wasting time in these types of actions.

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