Trends and impacts

This update was implemented just two weeks after the core update in October. So when it was first announced, it was thought to be a modification of the previous update. However it was announced on the official website that it was to update another system. Trends and impacts Q&A regarding Google Search updates Also, around this time. We have seen a movement to use the professionalism and reliability of sites as evaluation criteria. Google announced on November 27th that it has added support for structured data on profile pages and new reporting features to Search Console .

What to do after being affected

If your ranking drops due to a core update. You need to hypothesize the possible causes and Phone Number List improve them one by one. As mentioned earlier, algorithms are a combination of multiple elements. It is not guaranteed that recovery will occur if only one point is addressed. If your ranking drops significantly, it will take time to recover. Some sites improve gradually over a period of 2 to 3 months, while others take more than half a year, depending on the site. Analyze not only your company but also your competitors and take possible measures one by one. For those who don’t know what to do, Nile offers free consultations. We will make suggestions based on our experience supporting over 2,000 companies, so please feel free to try it out using the banner below.

Countermeasures for core algorithm

The first thing to keep in mind is to provide the information Australia Phone Number that the user wants. The phrase User First is also mentioned in Google’s 10 Facts.  which describes Google’s management philosophy. A phrase that appears many times in Google’s official content as a basic way of thinking about content . Google’s concept of user-first means specifically “satisfying the user’s search intent.” If enough information is obtained, there is no need for further searching, so the search intent is determined to be satisfied “when the search is finished”. In other words, it is important to aim for useful content that allows users to finish their search as a core update measure.

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