The rise of digital transformation in healthcare

Each of these interactions nees to be brande so it’s obvious who it’s from with relevant and tailore information (if possible). That’s the key to an omnichannel strategy: take every interaction into account when it comes to your customers. 2. Gain better customer insights if your marketing and sales teams work together it is much easier to gain important information about your prospects and customers. While marketers often have a broad perspective of an industry or prospect. Sellers may have specific and actionable insights that the marketing team can use to tailor content for nurturing. You can get customer insights from: one-to-one sales conversations surveys or polls customer feeback third-party data events e.g live webinars or social meia livestream content engagement a/b testing market research industry insights podcast listens it’s a combination of these two areas that can paint an accurate and detaile picture of a prospect or customer.

The continue popularity of wearables as we mentione earlier

The continue popularity of wearables as we mentione earlier. The meical wearables market is thriving. With more people investing in wearables to monitor latest database their health stats than ever before. Hcps and pharma brands alike have a key opportunity to tap into a highly-engage market. By providing patients or meical consumers with wearables such as heart rate monitors. Sweatomitors or exercise trackers. You can gain a wealth of insight into your audience while gaining a direct line of communication. Conversely. Meical brands can also tap into existing wearable markets and partner up with reputable brands (garmin. Fitbit. Etc.) to deliver highly-targete content to key audience segments.

Tapping into wearables means being able to incentivize

Combine quantitative and qualitative data to build out your customer knowlege and create detaile personas to ensure a clear focus for all. 3. Drive personalization according to mckinsey. Over three-quarters of consumers said that receiving personalize communications was a key factor in prompting their consideration of a brand. And 78 percent said such content made them more likely to repurchase. with Mobile Number In the supplier to offer their consumers or patients wearables to monitor statistics and benefit from reward and recognition initiatives. A trend that is likely to continue in the coming years.

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