Should our company be present on all social networks?

Should our company, Almost everyone has their favorite social platform. Some time ago. There were many people who we could consider addicted only to Facebook and/or Twitter. Because they spent a lot of time on them or shuddered at the mere idea of ​​not being able to tell all their friends and followers online about their daily lives. But, more recently. Other platforms such as Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. They have also managed to get a good part of that social pie or divert the attention of many of those users towards them. Today we could say that the majority of people have already found. Within the great variety that exists. Their favorite social network(s). As a result of all this online movement. Many companies (from any sector) are currently asking themselves.

Jack of all trades, master of none!

Should our company, Can we be present on all social networks or which ones should email contact list we choose? There are a handful of brands that perhaps can afford to use six.  Light or even more than twelve social platforms. But the vast majority of small or medium-sized companies do not have the budget or sufficient staff to dedicate themselves to maintaining an effective presence on as many social networks as those that exist today. Remember: quantity is not always synonymous with quality. Especially if our business lacks the appropriate time or budget. Jack of all trades. Master of none! We could affirm that it is better to have an attractive and strong presence on some specific platforms. More related to our target audience. Than to divide our strength or activity into a large number.

What criteria did you use to select those social platforms?

 So part of the question remains: how do we know which one we should choose? For example: I imagine that most of you will Mobile Number In tell me that there is a need for Facebook. That this platform should never be missing from the social media strategy of any business. But, I don’t entirely agree with that statement. In fact. There are some companies that really do not need to have a presence on Facebook at all.  Although, excuse the redundancy, they do on other networks. That’s why my advice is: always first detect well who our target audience is, to be able to analyze their tastes and see which social networks they are present on. And then at the end of all that madness. Try to find a more exact answer to that question → Should I be present on all social networks.

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