One of the purposes of the prone position

One of the purposes, Related to the care of bedridden patients . As they need to change positions every two hours. The nursing team often includes the prone position among the positions for the day. But measures must be taken to avoid complications in the prone position. I talk more about them in the next topics. For now, it is worth checking the main uses of this position. Which is part of the routine of most health professionals. Combating hypoxemia One of the most common uses for the prone position is in the relief of Acute Respiratory  . ARDS is a form of respiratory failure, usually caused by the presence of fluid in the lungs. In these contexts, the condition tends to be complicated in the supine or supine position, due to factors such as.

Weight on the posterior area of ​​the lungs

However, One of the purposes the reduction in oxygen supply can be reversed with the help of the prone position, as detailed in this study , carried out by Kelly Cristina de Albuquerque Paiva and Osvaldo Shigueomi Beppu: “The most important physiological effect of the prone position is improved oxygenation , which Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List occurs in about 70% to 80% of patients with ARDS. This improvement in oxygenation can be attributed to several mechanisms that can occur alone or in combination. Among them are the decrease in factors that contribute to alveolar collapse, the redistribution of alveolar ventilation and the redistribution of perfusion .” Thus, it can be stated that the prone position plays a relevant role in the treatment of patients with ARDS.

This is because the technique decreases

The chances of lung atelectasis (collapse of lung alveoli). Treatment of severe cases of Covid-19 Diseases caused by the coronavirus can also trigger Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). According to statistics , the condition affects between 31% and 67% of patients who develop severe Mobile Number In cases of Covid-19. Therefore, health teams have been using the pronation technique as part of the treatment of the disease since 2020, when the Covid pandemic was decreed. Even the use of dorsal decubitus in patients with shortness of breath is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) . Surgeries of the posterior region The stability and easy access to areas such as the spine make it common to use the prone position for different.

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