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Podcasting is a way of telling stories, as a series of audio episodes meant to better connect with the audience. Here is a live example:For those who don’t know,  is a cybersecurity company that has products like  and . You may think that what  gained by creating and distributing this podcast, a 36-episode series?

To date, Hackable has over two million downloads and over 90 subscribers.l acquiring new leads for McAfee.

You can check out the  and see how it translated into McAfee’s biggest marketing success.

How to start a podcast?

It’s like asking how a movie is created. Well, you can spend anywhere from a hundred to a few million dollars. The same goes for the time and Iceland Phone Number List efforts involved.

But, simply put, podcasters follow this standard ladder:and market.

They want more! Check out this detailed  by . They have illustrated it in 20 long steps on this.

So let’s get back to the nitty-gritty of this article: How to Find the Best  Ideas for Your Products .

Note down your goals

Phone Number List,

Of course, a podcast can be monetized.

That being said, podcasting has a limited audience. Every day Mobile Number In it is bigger, but if you are here it means that you are new to this.

And there are many more people just like you, new to podcasting.

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