Image optimizer It is a plugin

 Image optimizer It is a plugin dedicated to image optimization . Having resized and lightweight images is one of the most important techniques for speeding up site loading. Redirect plugins The redirect plugin will be indispensable in the case of changing the url of a page . If you do not redirect the url, a 404 error will be created with related loss of positioning. Before leaving you, one last recommendation: seo tools help you with optimization, but you must not forget to create good, useful and valuable content for your audience . Now you can experiment with seo with the help of these tools. Let us know how it went. 

Seo for social media

Seo for social media: what it is and how to do it The rules to follow for good seo on youtube, facebook, linkedin and instagram. You’ve known seo for a long time, but you hear about seo for social media and you’re not sure what’s different? The truth is that there are no such big differences email list  everything is in a different application. Classic seo, in fact, refers to positioning on the serp, while seo for social media must encourage interaction with the public . In essence, links on social media do not work directly on positioning, but generating valuable content on social media can bring traffic to your site and help your positioning indirectly 

Things seo for social

Things seo for social media facebook instagram linkedin youtube Social media seo: what is it? First of all, we need to clarify a concept. When we talk about seo for social media we mean the creation of a community that might be interested in you and what you sell. Once a community has been created through content organized from an seo perspective, this will Mobile Number IN convert into traffic to the site and therefore into possible customers . Why do seo on social media? Creating your social pages , studying their contents and always maintaining good interaction with the public is certainly the right way to go. 

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