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Extending the quote is mandatory: There is a painting by Klee call Angelus Novus . An angel is seen in him, apparently at the moment of moving away from something on which he is fixing his gaze. His eyes are wide open, his mouth is open and his wings are outstretch. The angel in the story must look like that. His face is turn towards the past. In what appears to us as a chain of events, he sees a single catastrophe, which throws ruin upon ruin at his feet, piling them up incessantly.

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The angel would like to stop, wake up the dead and rebuild what was destroy. But a hurricane blows from paradise and swirls around his wings, and it is so strong that the angel can no longer fold them. This hurricane irresistibly business database drags him towards the future, to which he turns his back, while the accumulation of ruins grows before him up to the sky. This hurricane is what we call progress. (Benjamin, 2008, pp. 44-45). *This post is a collaboration of José Antonio Tejada Sandoval, professor at the Department of General Studies at the Universidad Privada del Norte .

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Learn more about science and society issues by entering our blogging platform .From Shakespeare as well as from Homer , countless waves of literary gossip Mobile Number IN have arisen that, if they were alive today, I imagine them on some talk show giving free rein to their demographic origins or falsifi authorships. This Swan of Avon , which saw the light of day at the end of April 1564, was born in the humility of Stratford-upon-Avon that today survives as a tourist attraction thanks to the fame of its illustrious bard.

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