How to Find Who Links to Your Website

Do you want to know who links to yours or a competitor’s website? Follow this straightforward guide. Backlinks are crucial if you want to rank in search engines. We studied almost a billion web pages to see how backlinks from unique websites correlate organic traffic. Generally speaking, the more backlinks a page has from unique websites, the better it performs in search engines. SIDENOTE. This is a correlation study. It doesn’t prove causation. Furthermore, it’s not only the quantity of links that matters but also the quality. In this guide, I’ll show how to find who links to your website, which pages they link to, and what to do next to improve your SEO.

Now let’s talk

About the downsides of using Google Search Console data: All reports are limited to the top 1,000 pages. That makes them somewhat pointless if you have executive data more than 1,000 pages on your website, or if you have links from more than 1,000 unique domains. No link context. There’s no way to see the anchor text of a specific link, the surrounding text, or whether or not it’s nofollowed, etc. No quality metrics. When Google says “top linking sites,” they’re not referring to the quality of said websites but simply the number of times they link to you. There’s no way to tell how good or bad any of the linking sites are, or whether they’re helpful or harmful when it comes to SEO.

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We’ll need to resort to another tool. It’s updated with fresh data every 15-30 minutes as our robots tirelessly crawl and recrawl the entire web. Plug any website, subfolder Mobile Number IN or web page (even if it isn’t your own site) into Ahrefs Site Explorer to see how many backlinks and referring domains (links from unique websites) it has. The truth is that merely knowing who links to your website isn’t that useful or insightful. How to Find It’s a bit like looking at someone’s Facebook friends. You’ll get a list of hundreds or thousands of people, but that’s all. There’s no telling their real friends apart from the “friends” they’ve never met in real life. There’s a lack of context. I’m going to assume that you ended up finding and reading this article because.

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