Ahorramas presents the project Feeding the future

The Ahorramas food chain has presented its #AlimentandoElFuturo project at the Museum of the Spanish Basketball Federation in Alcobendas. The president and general director of Ahorramas, Eusebio Rubio, attended the event ; the president of the Madrid Basketball Federation, Santos Moraga ; the president of the Students Club, Miguel Ángel Bufalá; the president of Fuenlabrada basketball team, José Quintana; as well as veteran players from the world of basket ball such as Pancho Jasen and José Antonio Paraíso. With the creation of this project, Ahorramas aims to strengthen its bond with sports by transmitting to society the importance of a healthy diet, which today is essential for training and competing, especially in highly competitive sports, but also, seeking inspire society through the values ​​of sport with the aim of improving people’s daily lives. 

Ahorramas presents Feeding The Future

Eusebio Rubio , president of Ahorramas, was in charge of explaining what the #AlimentandoElFuturo project consists of and the strong link category email list between the food chain and sport. «We identify with sport because we share its values. Teamwork, effort, commitment, equality… From the first moment we have bet on and supported the youth team just as we, in our company, also bet on our youth team. Basketball is our family and Madrid is our home. “We are the ideal companion for the athlete because we take care of providing them with a healthy diet.” Miguel Ángel Bufalá spoke on behalf of Students . He pointed out that «Students and Ahorramas are united by many things. The first thing is health. It is essential to lead a healthy life and have a healthy and consistent diet to combine with sports . 

The chain reinforces its commitment

For his part, the president of the Madrid Basketball Federation, Santos Moraga, commented that “here the main actors are the clubs in the creation Mobile Number IN of the quarry and we support them from the Federation. In basketball in Madrid it can reach 90,000 licenses and that is a point of satisfaction for both Ahorramas and the Federation. The most important thing is the announcement of Ahorramas’ commitment and that the Federation joins as a partner and sponsor. This agreement goes beyond the sporting aspect because it promotes schools, neighborhoods and municipalities. Pancho Jasen, current sports director of Estudiantes, knows very well what training from the youth system means: It is key. 

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