Do you adapt to every situation and social network?

On social media, in case you haven’t noticed yet, NOT everything is or should be exactly the same. Because, social networks mainly have to do with people, interacting socially in an online environment, and as such, they interact differently in each place and situation in which they find themselves. There are many Brands of recognized reputation that have not yet really realized the importance of those differences we are talking about and, without distinguishing the social network or the situation in which they are interacting, they tend to demonstrate a behavior and/or repetitive language on all its platforms. That is, they fall into a kind of → “Déjà vu” .Furthermore, this Déjà vu also occurs many times within the same social network. Because it seems.

Analyze and evaluate the data

Do you adapt, The problem here seems to be that although we are all immersed in a continuous search top people data or generation of quality content, which we can use in our communication on social networks, there are few of us who really take some time to adapt that message to the social ecosystem of each platform or, within it, we adapt them to the different situations that arise. So we usually opt for the simplest solution, using more of a dissemination strategy and not so much a conversation strategy . “The key to avoiding Déjà vu on social media could be to analyze and evaluate, in different situations and times, the social activity of each platform and try to adapt as best as possible” Keep in mind that not everything applies to everyone or at all times.

Adapt your strategy to each network

Look at your previous and current statistics to compare what works best in different situations and on Mobile Number In each social platform. Do you adapt, If you are new to any of these networks, use the advice of a social media professional or analyze how your competition communicates on it and see what works best for them in different circumstances, to use that information as a starting point for a new one. strategy. 2. Quality content, yes. But relevant You should always first make sure that this content, in addition to being of quality, is sufficiently relevant to the interests of your Brand and its target audience or public on each network. Because content that your followers perceive as relevant will be easier for you to adapt to any environment and situation…

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