Launching a crowdfunding campaign for Xidere – the first results

Launching a crowdfunding campaign for Xidere – the first results. Maybe you remember that one of the recent projects that I have acquired is Xidere (well, at the moment the only one). This is an online fashion store for French bulldog owners. Within my plans, one of the things I had planned to add a new product and focus fashion more towards fashion was to launch a crowdfunding campaign .

My first experience with crowdfunding was disastrous Launching a crowdfunding

Launching a crowdfunding campaign for Xidere – the first results. Reviewing the blog, I just top industry data realized that. Therefore, I never shared the results of my first experience with the topic of crowdfunding here . Possibly I wanted to quickly forget about it since it was something disastrous. It was years ago in the context of my battle against Alex. I was inspired by the results of Javier Martín from Loogic who had raised nearly 30,000 euros by pre-selling a guide. I wanted. Therefore, to do the same to offer a guide for marathoners. I think I got a total of 3 contributions. Therefore, and raised a total of 20 euros in 30 days of the campaign.

The first results of the second crowdfunding campaign Xidere – the first results

In the last 10 days of the campaign Mobail Number IN we will use Facebook Ads to precisely reach subscribers, customers . Therefore, and people who have visited the website in the past. I explain the conversion campaigns. Therefore, in this post . If I’m honest, I’m not 100% sure if with these measures we will reach the goal. We have had to cut planned communication actions .

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